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Paul Rudolph Exhibits in New York City

TitlePaul Rudolph Exhibits in New York City
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsGiovannini, Joseph
Secondary TitleArchitecture
Date PublishedDecember
Publication Languageeng
Keywords(Beach, 1918-1997, 1981, 1981-1993, 1982-1988, 1989, Beach, Building, Built, Complex, Concourse, Dharmala, Exhibitions, Hong, I), II, Indonesia, Jakarta, Kong, Marvin, Not, Office, Paul, Project, Road, Rudolph, Sakti, Singapore, Sino, Tower

Review of two exhibits featuring Rudolph's work. One at the National Institute of Architectural Education and the other at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum entitled "From Concept to Building: A Project in Singapore"

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