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Where We Live: Our Changing Urban Landscape

TitleWhere We Live: Our Changing Urban Landscape
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsDankosky, John, Rae Douglas, Rohan Timothy M., and Islam Abdul A.
Secondary TitleWNPR / Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network
Date PublishedJanuary 5
Publication Languageeng
Keywords1918-1997, 1958-1964, 1959-1963, 1968-1981, and, Architecture, Art, Building, Built, Center, CT, Exhibitions, Garage, Government, Haven, Marvin, New, Not, Parking, Paul, Project, Rudolph, Street, Temple, University, Yale

Public radio broadcast of a discussion urban development in Connecticut. Includes a detailed discussion with Timothy Rohan on Paul Rudolph's impact on New Haven as well as on architecture in general.

Citation Key2443