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Allophone Presences, In the ‘Here-and-Now’ of the Humanities

TitleAllophone Presences, In the ‘Here-and-Now’ of the Humanities
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsLarkosh, Christopher
Secondary TitleProducing Presences: Branching Out from Gumbrecht's Work
PublisherUniversity of Masschusetts, Dartmouth
Place PublishedNorth Dartmouth, MA
Publication Languageeng
Keywords/, 1918-1997, 1963-, Criticism, Dartmouth, MA, Marvin, North, Paul, Rudolph, SMTI, UMass

This literary essay discusses Rudolph's spatial design of the UMass-Dartmouth campus as a concrete metaphor for re-imagining "the best of all intellectual worlds," one in which the present cultural realities of southeastern Massachusetts are placed in dialogue with those from other times and places.

Citation Key2402