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On SMTI / UMass Dartmouth


On the Wallace Residence, Athens, AL

"Years ago I designed a house in Alabama based on Greek Revival architecture of the South. I was brought up in that area, I knew it well, and my first memories of architecture were the Greek Revival buildings of the area and the sharecroppers' cottages, both of which intrigued me no end. Both seemed to have a complete validity - in other words, vernacular and so-called high architecture. This house in Alabama has double-story-high porches on four sides, over-scaled columns not based on structural need but on character - yet it's a modern house.

Film on Riverview High School and Other Projects by Paul Rudolph


Metropolitan Magazine and Matthew Kohn created this very perceptive film on the effort to save Riverview High School in Sarasota, Florida designed by Paul Rudolph. The 21 minute production includes interviews with a number of architects and highlights other projects as well. Highly recommended.

On the Theater in the Creative Arts Center, Colgate University

“The Colgate Theater has some of the features of an Elizabethan theater: four side stages (two levels on each side) and an apron that projects into the audience in a V form. The stage continues in front of the side stages, and along the sides of the audience. It is the level you actually enter on. Part of my notion is that when you enter the theater you are on the stage, and then you go down and take your seats.”
"The Changing Practice: Theaters." Progressive Architecture 46 (October 1965): 160-220.

On one of his earliest memories of architecture

"Paul Rudolph was about six. Like Frank Lloyd Wright’s, his father was a preacher- Southern Methodist, and forever on the move from one parish to another. A new church building was in the offing at the time, and he grew up with memories of the architectural drawings which had been scattered about:

Huxtable and Giovannini Comment on the Restoration of the A & A


Ada Louise Huxtable and Joseph Giovannini, both very familiar with the work of Paul Rudolph, have each published articles reviewing the restoration of the Art and Architecture Building at Yale University, now rededicated as Paul Rudolph Hall.
See the urls below.

"What, then, are the criteria that you would use in teaching?"


"You go back to age-old principles. I think there are definite and definable theories on how to relate volume to volume, mass to mass, texture and scale; the relationship of a building to the ground, to the sky, to neighbors. I really believe that you can define X number of approaches. The problem is to see that the approach is consistent, that each component part belongs to the same family of ideas."
Barnett, Jonathan. "Paul Rudolph Cites Old Principles as Bases for Analysis of Today's Work." Architectural Record 131 (January 1962): 12.




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