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New Book on the Lower Manhattan Expressway by Paul Rudolph


Along with the ongoing exhibition at the Drawing Center in New York City on Paul Rudolph's Lower Manhattan Expressway project is an exhibition catalog. The publication includes 30 color plates of the project. See below for ordering information.

Another Building by Paul Rudolph Threatened with Demolition.


The Orange County Government Center in Goshen, NY, 1963 designed by Paul Rudolph is threatened with demolition. The county administrator has for years been complaining about the building. See recent story in the local newspaper below.

From "Paul Rudolph: Lower Manhattan Expressway"

"One characteristic of the twentieth century is that nothing is ever completed, nothing is ever fixed. We don't think of things being complete within themselves...So the whole idea of the uncompleted building which is going to be expanded in unknown ways is an obsession."
Kilian, Steven, et al. "Paul Rudolph: Lower Manhattan Expressway" New York: The Drawing center, 2010. p. 18.

Gene Leedy on Paul Rudolph, Sarasota School of Architecture


Check out this brief interview with Gene Leedy in the October issue of "Florida Trend."

Obituary of Jack West, Former Associate of Paul Rudolph


See the obituary of Jack West, prominent Sarasota School architect and former associate of Paul Rudolph.

Lower Manhattan Expressway Exhibit Attracting Much Attention


The Lower Manhattan Expressway exhibit currently running at the Cooper Union and co-sponsored by the Drawing Center is attracting a lot of notice. And as is the case with most of the work of Paul Rudolph there is scant ground of agreement between likes and dislikes. Check out some of the reactions below.

ArchDaily Reviews the Bass Residence by Paul Rudolph


Check out this article on the magnificent Bass Residence in Fort Worth, Texas by Paul Rudolph.

Paul Goldberger on Paul Rudolph and the Lower Manhattan Expressway Project


See this blog by the well-known architectural critic on his reaction to the Lower Manhattan Expressway exhibit on display at the Cooper Union until November 20.

Bond / Lippo Centre by Paul Rudolph Makes List of World's Strangest Skyscrapers


Check out this list of very unusual skyscrapers from the Web Urbanist. Although it is not surprising that Paul Rudolph would appear on such a list, his Lippo Centre in Hong Kong is one of the more traditional buildings of the lot.


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