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Is the sketch superior to the computer-generated image?


"...Paul Rudolph was a brilliant architect and draughtsman who saw architecture as "a personal effort". His students at Yale were "encouraged" to help fill in elaborate texture and shadow for the master, sometimes working through the night for presentations to clients the next day. In response, they included their names in the drawing of bushes and trees, leaf and grass. Tedious perhaps but the finished drawings stand as works of art in themselves."

Alan Dunlop in Building Design, 05-21-2010.

Paul Rudolph's Umbrella House Regains its Umbrella


The current owners of this landmark Paul Rudolph building have replaced the "umbrella" which was lost to Hurricane Alma in the 1960s. See news note below.

On teaching architecture

"There are certain things that are teachable, and there are many things that are not teachable. For instance, you could probably not really teach design. You can clarify what other people thought about design and what it implies, but you can’t teach people to be talented. It’s an innate thing. People are born architects or they’re not born architects. I’ve seen very intelligent people who will never be architects, no matter how much they try..."
Kaplan, Michael. "Interview with Paul Rudolph." University of Tennessee Journal of Architecture 16 (1995): p. 3.

A Review of the Cerrito House, Watch Hill, RI in 1957.


Thank you to Charles Cerrito for forwarding this interesting article from 1957 on the Cerrito House in Watch Hill, RI by Paul Rudolph. Many interesting original details and facts about the house are noted in the article.

National Trust for Historic Preservation Highlights Boston Modernism, Paul Rudolph


The National Trust for Historic for Historic Preservation has published a new booklet highlighting modern architecture in Boston. It prominently cites the commissions of Paul Rudolph. The title "Boston Modern: The Spirit of Reinvention" is available below.

Pair of Paul Rudolph Chairs for Sale


For those with 25K to spare, check out this sale listing for a pair of classic chairs by Paul Rudolph.

Boston Globe Article States Government Service Center by Paul Rudolph Should be "plowed under"


The battle over the preservation of modernist buildings in Boston continues in the Boston Globe on July 30, 2010. The writer of this article supports the landmarking of the Christian Science Center while advocating the demolition of most other concrete modernist buildings. See article below:

Reaction to Architecture

"Everyone in his own way is affected by his environment. The chords that are struck in people are not necessarily the ones which the architect anticipates. It seems to me the better the building, the more variety of chords that are struck."
Soo, Lydia, and Robert Ousterhout. "On the Destruction of Paul Rudolph's Christian Science Building: The Vicissitudes of Functionalism." Inland Architect 31 (March/April 1987): 69.

Government Service Center the Location of Droid X Commercial


My last blog entry was about someone wanting to demolish the Government Service Center in Boston by Paul Rudolph. Motorola/Verizon Wireless obviously feel differently as they have used the building and its design to highlight their latest technology, the Droid X.

Watch the ad from YouTube.

Reflecting on the Art and Architecture Building, Yale University.

"I've never worked on a building that affected me as much as that one does. I'd like to think that, in spite of everything, it says something about the nature of architecture."
Crosbie, Michael J. "Paul Rudolph on Yale's A & A: His First Interview on His Most Famous Work." Architecture: The AIA Journal 77 (November 1988): p. 105.


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