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Paul Rudolph Foundation Built Models On Display in Florida


"The Paul Rudolph Foundation has built two models for the exhibit "Modernism at Risk: Modern Solutions for Saving Modern Landmarks", currently on display at the College of Design at the University of Florida."

Check out the photographs of the models below.



Larchmont, NY Residence by Paul Rudolph For Sale


This little known Larchmont, NY Residence by Paul Rudolph is for sale. See the detailed real estate listing below for pictures and facts of this exemplary Paul Rudolph design. The original house was built in 1958 and remodeled by Paul Rudolph in 1982.

On Gropius as a teacher

“Gropius’s greatest contribution was to introduce you to the International Style of the 1920s and 1930s and then to release you. Gropius may be wrong in believing that architecture is a cooperative art. Architects were not meant to design together; it’s either all his work, or mine.”
Rudolph quoted in: Jones, Cranston. Architecture Today and Tomorrow. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1961, p. 175.

Umbrella House Update. "Umbrella" to be restored.


According to the web site below, the owners of the Umbrella House in Sarasota, FL, designed by Paul Rudolph, have restored the famous residence and are now planning to rebuild the long lost lattice-work "umbrella" which was torn away by Hurricane Alma in 1966.



Chorley Elementary School Slated for Demolition


The John W. Chorley Elementary School in Middletown, NY designed by Paul Rudolph and built in the late 1960s may be demolished and replaced by a parking lot. See article below for details.

Rudolph Residence at 23 Beekman Place on Track for Landmark Status


The Paul Rudolph Residence at 23 Beekman Place in New York City is up for consideration as an architectural landmark by the city's Landmark Preservation Commission. See story below.

For information about the LPC, check out their web site.

The New Technologies: You Decide


Check out this web site that poses this question.

"Was Paul Rudolph's Lower Manhattan Expressway project utopian or dystopian? Beauty or beast? Yawn or yell?"

"Brutal Honesty: Westport Arts Center looks at Brutalism's rough and raw legacy"


Check out this review of the exhibition "Aggregate: Art and Architecture — A Brutalist Remix" currently at the Westport, CT Arts Center. The show runs until November 22, 2009.


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