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The demolition of Riverside High School designed by Paul Rudolph began on Saturday, June 13, 2009. Click below for news coverage.

"That summer that I graduated, that I got my Bachelor’s degree, I started to work for a firm in Birmingham, Alabama, and indeed worked for them for the whole year. It wasn’t until this time that I discovered that I did not know really how to put materials together, or how to make working drawings. This came as a rude shock to me. I wanted to design, but I was not fully equipped to design. It affected me tremendously. I remember that year I could hardly talk, literally, for a whole year. But I did learn, as I look back on it, more during that year than any other single year.

Demolition of Riverside High School in Sarasota begins


The demolition of Riverside High School designed by Paul Rudolph began on Saturday, June 13, 2009. Click below for news coverage.

Riverview demolition reaches halfway point


"The demolition of Riverview High School, which started June 13, has reached the halfway point. It appears there is at least a week's worth of bashing and scooping remaining for the demolition company, Sonny Glassbrenner Inc. of Largo, before the project is complete."

AIA Honors Seibert Architects for the Restoration of the Cohen Residence


"The Cohen House, built by Paul Rudolph in 1955, was restored by Seibert Architects in 2005-2006. That project has earned a merit award of excellence for renovations and additions from the state chapter of the American Institute of Architects. The award was announced this week and will be presented July 30 [2009] at the AIA Florida convention in Tampa."

Edward "Tim" Seibert is a former associate of Paul Rudolph. The house is currently for sale.

SMTI / UMass Dartmouth

“From my viewpoint the idea of the campus is that the spines are there and that they might be fleshed out in many different ways, but that the principle of it being one building, i.e. connected, and that the spaces in between are thereby formed on a relatively large scale. You see, I am back to the Piazza San Marco which doesn't have a tree in sight, and all buildings are literally connected with all other buildings, and there are many different uses, and there is focus, a tremendous sense of space, and scale. It remains the greatest outdoor living room in Europe, I believe.

Preserving Modernism in Connecticut


Protecting New Canaan’s Modernism
“Modern Homes Survey: New Canaan Connecticut,” one of the most definitive local studies of Modernist houses in the United States, goes online this week. The site devotes a Web page to each of the 91 homes built in New Canaan between 1939 and 1979. “Nobody knew there were so many,” said Christy MacLear, the executive director of the Philip Johnson Glass House, which sponsored the effort along with several Connecticut preservation groups and the state’s Commission on Culture and Tourism.

Paul Rudolph is on Facebook


Although the architect has been dead for many years, a Facebook page has been established for him. Check it out at:

If you're in Sarasota, September 19...


Sept 19th, 2009 from 10AM - 3PM

For details, see below.

"Paul Rudolph: The Florida Houses" re-released


"Paul Rudolph: The Florida Houses" by Joseph King and Christopher Domin has been reissued by Princeton Architectural Press. This article from the Wall Street Journal gives a review of this important book.


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