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Riverview High good-bye party planned


"Visit Paul Rudolph’s Riverview High School Masterpiece In Sarasota...Students and former students will gather Saturday, May 23 for a goodbye party to the building. While it is a massive waste to rip it down, we at least hope something amusing is done with the pieces, like being recycled into fishing reefs. If you can’t get there May 23, it will be up for a number of months as the school moves into its new building, which is the size and scale of a modern university."
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Rudolph and Predock buildings compared in "Chronicle of Higher Education" article.


Paul Rudolph's Art & Architecture Building at Yale University and Antoine Predock's School of Architecture and Planning, University of New Mexico are compared in the latest issue of "The Chronicle of Higher Education."
See the abridged online version below which includes the photographs.

Paul Rudolph Foundation to Sell Original Rudolph Sketches


"Original sketches of the New Haven Government Center are now for sale in the showroom at Modulightor [246 East 58th Street, New York, NY]. An unbuilt project (1968 - 1981), it experienced various scheme alterations that ultimately did not materialize due to inadequate funding. Sketches vary from one done on the back of an airplane itinerary to others more refined showing complex sections and elevations.

They said it


“Less is more.” Mies van der Rohe;

“Much ado about next to nothing” Frank Lloyd Wright;

“Almost nothing is too much.” Reyner Banham;

“Less is a bore.” Robert Venturi;

“Too much is never enough.” Morris Lapidus;

“More and more, more is more.” Rem Koolhaas;

“Nothing ever measures up to what I expect, nothing.” Paul Rudolph

The Art and Architecture Building on YouTube


A New Home for the Arts: Restoring Paul Rudolph Hall, Construction of Jeffrey H. Loria Center for the History of Art
and Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library.

Bidding farewell to the old Riverview campus


With the imminent demolition of Riverview High School, people in Sarasota have been reminiscing about the Paul Rudolph designed campus. Check out these articles including the first one which includes a news clip from the local TV station.

Architectural Photography-Paul Rudolph's Sarasota High School Addition


"I recently finished working with an architect and historic preservationist on the conservation of Paul Rudolph's Sarasota High School additions. The buildings were in danger of demolition and I got to be part of a team that proposed it's reuse through a new design scheme. These are some photos I took of the structures. The emphasis is on Rudolph's concepts of suspension, repetition, streaming natural light and ventilation as well as his use of industrious and modern material (pre-cast concrete, steel and glass)."
sereen GUALTIERI photography & design

Paul Rudolph Interiors


Check out this blog which has some nice photographs of Paul Rudolph interiors. The site has posted other images of Rudolph's work in previous issues.



Bangladesh (Formerly East Pakistan) Agricultural University

"It was during that time [mid 1960s] that Rudolph was offered a job doing the East Pakistan Agricultural University in what is now Bangladesh. He had done some preliminaries for it, but had not gotten very far. He was getting busy. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to do it. He asked me about it. I said I thought it was important to do it – to do a good job. He signed a contract, I think kind of reluctantly. I think he really did it because he thought it would be good for me. We started working on it. ...Rudolph never saw it.

Address by Grattan Gill at the Graduate Commencement of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, May 23, 2009


Mr. Grattan Gill, Architect and associate of Paul Rudolph during the construction of the campus at SMTI / UMass Dartmouth received an honorary degree from the university at its recent commencement. He also made the keynote address at the Graduate Commencement ceremony. Click on the link below for his remarks.


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